Manifest to a Free Spirit

Hi sister, 

Fly and explore, with all of life in a suitcase. 

Adventure awaits, and incredible moments lie ahead.
Your grandparents' stories, books, and virtual landscapes can finally be experienced in person. 
Feel them, live them, and vibrate with their sounds and textures. 
Curiosity eats at you, and you're eager to learn, to feel, and to experience. 

Don't give up that intuition. 

Hold on tight, because there are curves ahead, but I promise it will be worth it. 
Every day will bring something new to live and to know.
The "Sustigusti" feeling will be half fear and half pleasure, but always trust the gusti. 
Travel light with essentials, as what you think is necessary in your current life won't matter where you're going. 
As you add experiences, you'll subtract weight from your backpack.
Respect nature, reconnect with what has been disconnected, and feel the Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Life is one, and it must be lived. 

We were born free and wild, and we should remain that way.
You never know where you might end up or start over. 
It’s your time to make a move.
Be the main character in your own story. 

Enjoy the adventure sister. We got your back!



Team Nanue